About the Founder

Doug Cartland - Founder DCI

“(Our supervisors) gave Doug excellent marks for his command of the subject and his presentation. They were pleased…and I might add, this was on a Saturday on their own time! We will certainly have Doug back!”

Jack Rance, Director of Employee Relations
Summitville Tiles, Inc.

“Don’t wait for the movie—sign up for the training!”

Kenneth Andrysiak

Doug has been an advisor to CEOs for 16 years. He’s an expert in leadership and management skills and, in addition to his work with CEOs, has successfully trained and coached leaders on all levels. Many companies have drawn a direct correlation between his work with them and their enhanced profitability.

Doug is the author of three books. His weekly e-zine is widely regarded as the best leadership focused e-zine that exists today. Businesses and organizations in 47 of the 50 United States have come to rely upon his wise advice, counsel, training and coaching.

Doug believes that “skilled leaders getting the most out of motivated employees” is the key to any organization's prosperity. And he's the only leadership expert who guarantees his results.

When DCI partners with you to enhance your organization’s leadership skills, we’ll study and research your culture first. And then we’ll utilize our training, consulting and coaching skills at a consistent pace at sensible intervals over an appropriate amount of time until new habits are formed.

We believe in:
  • Assessing clearly
  • Recommending honestly
  • Delivering straightforwardly
  • Following through relentlessly